Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team working together for a more sustainable world

Zita Floret, co-founder

Zita is a young architect born in France, whose focus is to explore participative ways of doing architecture for a more open and inclusive process of planning and creations, and allow a constructive dialogue between the architect and the citizen.



Nathaly Guzman Figueroa, co-founder

Nathaly is an internationally-minded professional born in Colombia, expert on global development and sustainable business. She is specially interested on issues concerning inclusion, human rights and entrepreneurship. Currently she is a Project Coordinator at Abilis Foundation and she is conducting a PhD research on development and disability studies in the University of Helsinki.


Marleen Wierenga, co-founder

Marleen is a PhD researcher at the Aalto University School of Business with a Dutch-German background. The focus of her research is on collaborative sustainability innovating. This means that she is studying how innovations in the low-income context are developed when different stakeholders work together. For her studies she has lived in Tanzania and India, and has work experience from both the public and private sector.