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We welcome you to work with us and re-think ways to a smoother urban transition

Coming soon: Buy urine collection services in Dar es Salaam

In the near future we will offer the possibility to split the costs of waste collection in Dar Es Salaam with the local community members.

As a citizen from anywhere in the world, you can pay 5 euro or more for the collection and recycling of urine as a fertilizer in Dar es Salaam. It is a meaningful way to participate in making the city lush and healthy for its citizens.

Urine is a perfect fertilizer containing precious minerals and plant nutrients that the world is soon running out of.  By paying for the fee for urine collection you participate in changing the way we grow our plants and eat them for the better.

Participate in our projects

We believe in the added value of multidisciplinary teams where different  skills, knowledge, experience and cultural background complement each other for a better end result.  We invite students, university programs, business experts, architects, designers, social workers or anybody with a passion to re-think urban transition to contribute.

Our  latest collaboration is with Aalto University Students. Have a look

Join the team

We are constantly looking for teams or individuals to join us for longer or shorter periods – on a voluntary basis or else (depending on the available funds).  If you are  interested in experimenting and finding solutions for urban problems, or have a ready idea and existing clients, get in touch and share what you have in mind.

Invest in our solutions

We are looking for funding for our future projects. We are a small entity and all our  funds will go directly to the on-going projects.

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People and organizations who are working with us:
Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI Tanzania) is the national support NGO formed by Tanzanians with a desire of providing technical and financial assistance to the community living in informal settlements and the Tanzania Urban Poor Federation (TUPF)
Dry Toilet Association, (Huussi Ry) Finland The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland is a non-governmental organization established in 2002. While its place of business is in Tampere, Finland the area of operation of the Association covers the whole world.










Aalto SGT Sustainable Global Technologies programme is a multidiciplinary educational programme at the Aalto University in Finland.
Group of students from 2017, Tanzanitation – collaborating with the project











Impact Iglu Greenhouse Program. GREENHOUSE ps part of the EU-backed Climate-KIC initiative, coordinated in Finland by Impact Iglu. It is a 6-month pre-incubation programme for business ideas that fight climate change